Italy : A very beautiful & romantic destination with lots of wonderful and amazing cultural heritage. This post speaks about many Famous Places in Italy to Visit and enjoy the tourism experience.Italy has got a population of around 61 million people and its capital is Rome which is considered as Eternal City. Some of the most famous attractions are Tuscany, Florence, Pisa etc which we are about to see here and also considered as Best Places to Visit in Italy.

Famous- Places- in- Italy

Rome : As there is a famous saying “Rome was not built in a day”  still remains as a truthful statement.It is the capital city of Italy and one of the remarkable place in the world.Rome has got various historical heritage packed places such as ancient monuments, Wonderful Fountains, Basilica churches, historical statues etc..which adds value for the city. Rome like other major city is considered as Major Global city because of its fun packed shopping experience and emerging scenic night life and also one of the Tourist Attractions in Italy. To know more about Rome Click Here


ColosseumRome has got a famous historical architecture “Colosseum” which used to be war game stadium in those days & one of the Famous Places in Italy. It is Also known as Flavian Amphitheatre which is an Elipitical Amphitheatre located in center of Roman city and was built nearly 2000 years ago. It is estimated that the roman Colosseum can hold 60,000 to 80,000 spectators for watching gladiator competition, animal hunts, mock sea battles etc.. The inner part of Colosseum is divided into 3 parts as Arena, Cavea & Podium. The arena had a wood floor included with sand to avoid the fighters  slipping and soak in the blood. Trapdoors led as a result of the metro chambers as well as passageways under the arena bottom – the hypogeum. The cavea, was meant for spectator seating, was split into 3 tiers: knights in the lowest tier, wealthy citizens in the middle and the plebs in the highest tier. The podium, a wide terrace while watching tiers regarding seats, ended up being reserved for emperors, senators as well as VIPs. This master piece of monument expresses the majesty & mighty power of ancient rome.



Florence :  One of the most beautiful Famous Italian Places  and it takes the pride to be center (Birth place) of Renaissance and being having the historical specialty this place remains an important place to be visited by the tourists.Initially Florence originated as Roman city which later developed with trade & banking sectors. It is most populated city & capital of Italian region of Tuscany. Florence plays an important role in Tourism and also ranked as most visited city in the world.This city has got many tourist attractions such as Michelangelo’s David, Palazzo Vecchio, Loggia Della Signoria, Signoria Square, Accademia Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Palace, Giottos Bell tower, The Baptistery etc.. One can enjoy the stay at Florence by experiencing Florentine steak – beef based food, having a good drink at Piazza Santo Spirito , taking part in concert organised at Piazza della SS Annunziata etc…



Sicily :  A very beautiful & largest island in Mediterranean sea and surrounded by Ionian, Tyrrhenian adds more value for Italy. It is separated from continent by Messina strait and surrounded by Mediterranean sea. Sicily had got history of Ancient tribal. Language spoken is Sicilian and it has got many unique  culture in arts, music food & architecture. Sicily is considered as a must go places by Tourists because of its mild climate. Sicily is surrounded by little islands such as Egadi, Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria and Ustica. Active Volcanic eruptions can be witnessed in Sicily and one famous active volcano in Europe is Etna. Sicily has got beaches to relax & enjoy and those who are interested in trekking can have good trekking experience at National Parks in Sicily. For Festival / carnival lovers there are many things at Sicily like the famous one Cinema Festival which is a very famous Award Program , Acireale Carnival etc.. Definetely one among the Famous Places in Italy.


Venice : A funtastic and famous Italian romantic place for couples , lovers who want to cherish their loving moments. Venice basically a group of island  with many canals and beautiful arch type bridges. This place which is surrounded by water is located in northeast coast of Italy and the region around Venice is known as Veneto. One can enjoy shopping in Venice by buying famous Murano glass articles, Venetian masks, Burano lace, street artists paintings etc.. Venice has got many interesting places to visit such as St.Mark’s square, Doge’s Palace, Rialto bridge, Galleria del accademia etc. Venetian carnival is one of the most important & colorful celebration of Venice and its an annual festival celebrated 40 days before Easter and ends with Lent.  A relaxed trip in Boat (Gondola) in Venice with moderate climatic condition gives a real unique experience.Surely one among Famous Places in Italy.


Leaning Tower of Pisa : The leaning tower otherwise very well known as Bell Tower is located in Famous Italian town Pisa and it is one of the Famous and remarkable piece of vintage architecture. The construction specification of this 8 storied tower sounds great since it stands 60 meters from ground with 290 steps to climb to reach chamber for the bells and its weight is estimated to be around 14,600 metric tons. Actually the construction of Pisa tower was started in the year 1173 and went through almost 200 years due to hindrance of wars. The construction plan of the tower was to be vertical but the tower started to lean during the time of construction. This piece of wonder was built with marble and has got 15 marble arches at the bottom stories and other stories consist of 30 arches. Many controversies exist about the real identity of the architect of this wonderful monument. Many actions are being taken to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa but identity about the real architect remains a big mystery


Tuscany : A majestic place where some visit to taste fine wine, some visit to feel the real countryside experience and some for having thrilling walk along on the mountain sides.Tuscany is located in west side of Italy and a must visit places since it is one among the Famous Places in Italy. This places in famous for very good breeds of wine and has got good beaches for relaxing and does not stop with that it has also got historical pride to be known as Birth Place of Renaissance. Tuscany is a huge area with lots of places to be visited such as Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Cortona, San Gimignano, Chianti classico wine region etc…


Capri : Capri can be reached from Naples and it is a famous mountainous island on Tyrrhenian sea and the name Capri is shared from the main town on the island.This island has got 2 main harbors Marina Grande & Marina Piccola. The island is one of the Famous Places in Italy which is visited by huge number of tourists during summer times. The main tourist attraction in Capri is Grotta Azzurra which is a roman rock. The island has got almost 12 churches & 7 museums. The other attractions to be visited are Piazza Umberto, Blue Grotto, Villa san Michele etc.. The destination is perfect for hiking and has got many famous hotels and pubs to enjoy & one can see more number of migratory birds resting at the island. Apart from tourism, agriculture & fishing are carried on.



Paestum: Paestum which is actually considered as famous Greco Roman city is famous & most popular destination located in Campania region of Southern Italy – European Continent (South of Naples) and this place is originally known as Poseidonia named after a Greek god. This place has got 3 fantastic temples which are really ancient and has got historical heritage such as Temple of Neptune, Temple of Ceres & Temple of Hera which attracts lots of Tourists to this place to see its remains which are in very good preservation state. Paestum city is located on the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea in Magna Graecia and also called Gate to Cilento is a very good point to start off for cultural & architectural sightseeing such as Pompeii, Veila or Padula, Herculaneum, Cilento national park, a beautiful beach which is really a paradise for people who are interested in swimming.



Santa Maria Del Fiore: This is the most & important Florence Cathedral building where the bishop makes his appearance therefore it is the main church in Florence Italy. This church is built / dedicated for Santa Maria Del Fiore and it is fully covered by colored marbles but the construction was left incomplete due to some unknown reasons. The interior of the church is preserved well since it remains as the master work of the art such as stained glass windows which looks beautiful still. Therefore Touristtiger recommends one must visit this place which is one of the most important Things to do in Florence Italy. To know more about tourism in Italy visit Wikipedia.



Food to Try 

Spaghetti : There is nothing like Italian Spaghetti which is also one of the Famous things in italy Its very special and most desired food in Italy.Must try to experience the real flavor.



Gelato :  Gelato basically refers to ice cream which is made from special cream, milk , sugar & other ingredients. To know more about Famous Places in Italy visit Touristtiger




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