places-to-visit-in-romeHello People this time we are going to see about most beautiful & important Places to Visit in Rome : Rome is the capital of Italy and especially its region of Lazio. Italy is one of the huge countries in Europe. Officially it is called as Italian Republic. Rome is definitely unitary Republic in Europe, mostly ruled by parliament. There are living more than 60 million people and this fact makes Italy 5th the most populated countries in Europe. Before Italy on this territory there was huge Empire of Roman. In fact they were the most developed empires of the time, and the roman ancients created and developed everything, starting from law to building biggest Empires and maintaining them. As we stated above Rome is the capital of Italy and its population is approximately 4 Million. In fact Rome’s history is more than 2 thousand years. Rome is one of the oldest cities which were occupied by ancients and built in Rome the biggest Empire of our history. Before visiting Rome in Europe you have to learn more about its history and the monuments, Cathedrals and building which this beautiful city contains.

The first aboriginals who stepped in Rome, was in 8th century before Christ (BC). After that everything changed and the history of huge empire started that time. Empire of Rome changed lots of emperors but it stayed same, huge, strict and invincible. Now let’s talk about the legend about Rome, how it was formed and why it was named “Rome”. There were twin brothers who were grown up by the wolf milk and the wolf took care of them as the legend states. They called Romulus and Remus. As they decided to build the country or even empire, they could not reach agreement about few things so the Romulus killed his twin brother Remus and built the country/empire which after that was named as Rome, in the name of his first emperor Romulus. After that he invited neighbor tribes and building of huge empire started.

During Renaissance Rome was definitely the center of world. Lots of monuments and buildings were affected by this movement which was called Renaissance, also lots of masterpieces were created during this period of time. The most interesting place you can see in Rome definitely, because here you can meet masterpieces and buildings of Renaissance and Neoclassicism, and mix of these movements are great. So let’s discuss.

places-to-visit-in-rome-colosseumFirst attraction of this beautiful city is Colosseum and one among the most interesting places to visit in rome. You can also call it Coliseum, in fact it is ancient Amphitheatre. It is fully built by stone and is names as one of the greatest works of European ancient art. This is largest amphitheatre of the world. In ancient history this Coliseum was used for fighting between gladiators. This Amphitheatre could hold more than 80 000 spectators and this is definitely impressive amount of spectators. Despite the fact that Coliseum now is damage because of lots of earthquakes, robbery and invade, this beautiful amphitheatre stays one of the iconic symbol of old glory. So if you want to start seeing attractions of this greatest city, you should make Coliseum as number one in your attraction list.

places-to-visit-in-rome-altareOne of the well known places you can visit in Rome is Altare della Patria. This place is also known as Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II and this is translated into English as National Monument to Victor Emanuele Second. This monument occupies place between Capitone Hill and Piazza Venezia. In fact this beautiful monument and place was designed by one of the best known designers called Giuseppe Sacconi and this happened in 1885. There were also lots of sculptors who helped Giuseppe in establishing this monument. It took up to 40 years to complete it and lastly it was completed in 1925. One of the interest things about this monument is that there is tomb of the unknown soldier and this is built under the statue of goddess called Roma. In fact the body of unknown soldier was chosen from 11 unknown bodies which were dead in world was first and it was buried under the statue of Goddess called roma. Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II is the largest one in city of Rome. One of the parts of this monument was destroyed after few months of opening it as monument.

places-to-visit-in-rome-mausoleumOne of the well known places you can also visit is called Mausoleum of Hadrian and this place is also called Castle of Holy angel. In fact this Mausoleum is cylindrical building.   Hadrian was the emperor of Rom Empire and he decided to build this mausoleum for him and his family, that’s why this place is called as Mausoleum of Hadrian. After Emperor Hadrian this place was used by popes of Rome but today it is just museum. In fact this Mausoleum was once the tallest building and castle in Italy and after that things changed and there were built lots of building which became taller than Mausoleum of Hadrian. As we stated above this mausoleum after emperor Hadrian was used by popes. So in 14th century popes of Rome decided to change this from mausoleum to Castle. One of the popes called Nicholas III pope connected this castle with St. Peter’s Basilica. You should foresee the fact that in 1901 by the permission of Italian government this castle was transformed from castle to Museum. Now you can visit this museum as tourist and see the whole history of Rome within this beautiful museum.

places-to-visit-in-rome-st.peters-basilicaLastly let’s talk about the St. Peter’s basilica. St. Peter’s basilica is church and the design and structure of church is affected by late renaissance period. This church is located in Vatican city. When visit City Rome you should foresee the fact that there is little city in Rome. This little city is called Vatican. Vatican is fully focused on popes of Rome and this place is religion place. Vatican is the residence city of Rome’s pope. Except basilica church you can visit lots of churches in Vatican because this little city is formed by churches and basilicas. St. Peter’s basilica stays as one of the best renaissance works and this church still remains as one of the largest churches in the world.